Careers / Occupations related to:- Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineering of Kyambogo University -Uganda

Refrigeration Technician from Kyambogo University 

Refrigeration engineering involves planning, designing, and project management of refrigeration systems for commercial manufacturers. Refrigeration technicians are expected to develop designs for, oversee the fabrication of, and troubleshoot problems with complex refrigeration systems for residential and industrial use, including restaurant units, refrigerated healthcare equipment, and insulated trucks and trailers.

At the DMPE of Kyambogo University we pride ourselves in the provision of knowledge of thermodynamics (i.e. the use and transfer of energy), and hands-on training work to our students with respect for safety procedures.  This means that acquiring a diploma qualification from Kyambogo University in Refrigeration & Air conditioning engineering could be the best career a young person could ever undertake. 

Required Cognitive Skills for Employment

The Qualification from the Department of Mechanical & Production Engineering at Kyambogo University enables our Graduates with Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning to develop creative problem-solving skills, knowledge of thermodynamics and computer-aided design (CAD) systems, thorough understanding of health and safety regulations.  

  1. Safety standards – for design, construction and installation of RAC products and systems
  2. Performance standards – for determining the efficiency and performance of RAC systems and equipment, as well as for refrigerants1• 
  3. Practice standards – for identifying knowledge and guiding best practices for technicians when handling RAC systems and refrigerants• 
  4. Quality standards – these can be general and cover any industry, but can be applied to processes involving refrigerants such as production, accounting, certifying, training, etc

Roles of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Refrigeration and air conditioning Technicians normally install, maintain, repair and overhaul a building central air conditioning systems, commercial cold-rooms, and industrial refrigeration equipment in addition to other ventilation and cooling systems.

They are employed by installation contractors, construction companies, Food and Beverages manufacturers, Oil & Gas processing Industries, Mechanical engineering firms and general purpose service establishments.

Competences of Graduate Technicians of Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning of Kyambogo University

Graduates of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering programme at Kyambogo University are proficient in:

  1. Computing data for the bill of quantities (BOQ) or work estimates
  2. Conducting scientific Tests on heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems for leaks
  3. Diagnosing fault, maintaining and repairing equipment in refrigerated trucks
  4. Evaluation and interpretation of technical drawings 
  5. Fixing and replacing components for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  6. Identification of appropriate use of hand tools and power tools to install refrigeration or air conditioning components
  7. Installation, troubleshooting and overhauling complete heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  8. Measuring and cutting piping, and connecting piping using welding equipment
  9. Measuring refrigeration or air conditioning components for installation
  10. Performing routine maintenance mundane work.
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