Innovation within Mechanical

We are one of Uganda’s leading Mechanical Engineering University departments with a reputation for outstanding teaching both theoretically and in classroom practical works. Our graduates are in high demand by industry and are often promoted quickly to senior positions in industries.

The following are some of the remarkable innovations completed at our department recently:

  • Fruity Cycle for rural peasant farmers. This was an innovation by a diploma Student of Mechanical Engineering. It was best 8 runner up at a competition in Switzerland in 2015
  • Screenless Maize Mills
  • Motorized Groundnut Sheller and sizing
  • Ethanol /Bio-fuel Production for Petrol Engines
  • Bio-Gas production
  • Motorized Disabled Wheelchair
  • Gasification Technology
  • Micro-Hydro Turbines
  • Multifunctional Platform functioning on diesel
  • Bio-Multifunctional Platform operational on Bagass
  • Carpentry Machines Design and Fabrication
  • Interlocking Block Making machines

Our Research Division

The Research Division works on solving problems of practical nature and importance. It also trains undergraduate student engineers through an intensive programme of the latest techniques in engineering design. The division is headed by Dr Catherine Wandera and assisted by Dr. Saeed Mohammed Bagoth.

Research Agenda / Research Activities

The Department of Mechanical & Production Engineering of Kyambogo University continues to be very active in research covering a number of specialized fields including Energy, Environmental, Fluid Mechanics, Coating Cutting Tools Technology, Plastics Technology, Polymer and many others.

Academic Staff members in the department are currently concentrating on the following Research Agenda (areas of research):

  • Power Production (Renewable Energy) Technology
  • Resistance Spot Welding
  • Mitigation of Environmental Degradation
  • Coated Tools for Metal Machining.
  • Foundry Technology
  • Metallurgy of Materials
  • Automobile Technologies
  • Renewable Fuels for Automobiles