We have an exceptional record for career prospects and for employability.  Our graduates normally get employed within a few months of completing a programme of study.  Over the years, employers have realized that our students are critically aware of the need to act professionally, ethically and are able to exercise intelligent judgment in order to take responsibility within their own limits of competence.  That is the outcomes which make Kyambogo University be unique.

Working with Industry

We annually send our students for Industrial Training Work-Placement from the first week of June to the end of July to industries or businesses of all sizes and dimensions.  We also offer our expertise to companies through consultancy besides students’ work-placements.

We have a range of industrial partners to provide support for:

  • Guest Lectures
  • Group Design Projects
  • Research Projects
  • Placements

We work closely with the National Council for Higher Education and local industries to ensure that our degrees are relevant to the needs of industry.