About Us

The Department of Mechanical & Production Engineering of Kyambogo University offers very rewarding theoretical and practical experiences to students.  The department has over the years developed strong industrial links for students’ work placement, which lead to rewarding employment opportunities for our graduates.  The Department is recognised by academic peers, by students and by employers within Uganda and internationally as a centre for Technology Excellence in mechanical engineering education.  It is a centre with well-built innovation and practical touch.  The Department of Mechanical & Production Engineering is the largest department within the Faculty of Engineering of Kyambogo University having a population of 1501 students. 

The Mechanical Department Undertaking

The missions of this department are:

  1. To prepare future engineers who are creative and are able to design, manufacture, manage, operate or perform and accomplish tasks efficiently.
  2. To prepare multidisciplinary engineers to meet industrial demands now and in the future equipped with technological knowledge and precision engineering paradigms.
  3. To provide our students with multidisciplinary capabilities to design products from concepts to manufacture by integrating cutting edge technology and mechanical equipment.